A rundown of the fourth week of my March Challenge

“Does Vera give up on her March Challenge?”

“Maybe. She hasn’t updated any post about it since the first week of the challenge. And now it’s the end of the March!”

Yes, it’s quite embarrassing…… But I’m back! I’ve never given up!

1. Health

(1) Go to bed before 11 p.m.

I remember I sticked to it only two days. But, it’s always my goal!

(2) Stand up and relax after sitting for a while from time to time

I did a good job the first two weeks. But when I begin to read a fantastic manga and struggle with my essay… You know, I kept sitting in front of my computer.

(3) Take a walk every other day

Oh my goodness, I feel guilty about performing badly on these health challenges, including this one. I ordered takeout 14 times!

This is my guilty pleasure.

And one day I walked all the way to a canteen which is farther away from my dormitory to pig out!

2. Learning English

(1) Reading The Great Gatsby every day

Finally, I can say I did a good job! I read the book every day and I’ll finish it on April 4th.

(2) Finish an English online lesson every day

I did it almost every day. I fell behind once in a while, but I caught up.

(3) Review for 15 minutes each day
I usually review when I’m waiting in line for meals. But I guess it didn’t take as long as 15 minutes every day. Anyway, I review~

3. My essay

Complete my essay by March 20th
I had a long March because of the essay. Acutually, it’s myself to blame. I wrote down the outline on March 13th, but I didn’t begin to write until March 25th…… As I was doing other things, I couldn’t help but think of my essay. What was worse, though I was so anxious, I just didn’t want to deal with the task. It was grueling!

I always become crabby confronted with assignments, which drives my boyfriend mad. Poor guy! Perhaps I major in Procrastination and Complaining…… Fortunately, I was done with it one day before deadline! I survive!

Anyway, I really have to kick the habit! It’ll be a pathetic “war”!

4. Reading and writing

(1) Read Chinese literature for thirty minutes every day

No Chinese literature, but many papers in Chinese. And I had also been binge-reading a cute manga for about 4 days. I’m going to write a review about it!

(2) Update a post every week
I only did two short posts. Not all that good. But I’m back. I’ll keep writing!

My musings

As you can see, I performed badly these days, but I promise I won’t give up! It is due to so many goals I fail to acheive that I’ll never be boring and keep striving to improve myself!

If there was anything in this fluffy post that could motivate you, I wish it was this imagery—— a person with so many weaknesses who always fails to keep her resolutions but still keeps moving on. (Don’t be mad at me😅)

Also, here’s a hilarious story!

I set off to turn in my essay, only to find I was wearing my rabbit slippers… I looked really silly! I had no time to go upstairs, and I jumped on the bus.

On the way back, I perfectly missed the bus, watching it driving away in front of me……

So I leg it, with my silly yet adorable rabbit slippers, enjoying the beautiful views of Spring! It is sunny outside. Flowers in the campus are in full blossom. Red, pink, white, yellow…… Their beautiful colors dazzle me. Bees are buzzing around the beauties of Mother Nature. Trees and bushes are lush with loud green leaves where bright sunshine dances happily.

I started to take pictures with my cellphone, and, unfortunately, the battery died!

Below are the only two photos I took~

Thanks for reading! I wish you all the best! Happy Spring!

Vera from China

2 thoughts on “A rundown of the fourth week of my March Challenge

  1. Wow, if my canteen had delicious food like your canteen, I would have eaten there all the time. American universities have horrible food canteens (at least every one I’ve been to)!

    But I find it’s difficult to stick to my challenges too. One of my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England during World War II) is, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” So, even if you fail, it’s the enthusiasm to keep trying that is true success. I’m still working on my own goals, so I completely understand you! And I confess I’ve left the house with fluffy slippers on too (though not rabbit slippers). They are just so comfortable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In my campus there’re eight canteens, and the food there is not bad. But I’ve been here for almost 6 years, and I’ve got sick of most food… So I went to the newest and the most expensive canteen in the campus to change my diet from time to time.

      I love Winston Churchill’s quote! It’s really inspiring! I always fail, especially when I take things seriously. For me, the goals are like sand. The more intensely I clutch them, somehow the more quickly from my fingers, which is frustrating. And once I set a goal, such as do something every day, I gradually begin to dread it.
      Weird… It’s more difficult to get into a groove than I thought before. However, like you said, as long as we have enthusiasm and don’t give up, we’ll get there some day! Even if we don’t get the results we expect at the beginning, we have the valuable experience, we strive for ourselves, and we explore ourselves! To some degree, life is about experiencing various things. Go for it and keep at it! We’re not lonely.

      Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. Good luck with your goals!加油(ง •̀_•́)ง

      Liked by 1 person

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