April challenge

As we usher in April, I decide to change my plans. Since I didn’t do a good job on the challenges last month, I’d better be more realistic this month, but most of the challenges are similar to those of March.

I find that it’s hard for me to develop more than one habit at a time. So this time I won’t expect myself to plug in several things on a daily basis.

And, I’d like to create a theme for each month! The theme is about what I want to focus in a month.

It can be broad. For example: Month of reading, Month of exercise, Month of writing, Month of movies, Month of psychology…

It can be more specific, like month of an author(anyone you love or you’re curious about) , month of a director, month of getting up before 7 a. m., month of English speaking…

It sounds interesting to me!

And the theme of my April is:

Month of Japanese!

I used to dabble in Japanese but I gave up quickly. Last month I binge-watched a manga, which made me want to learn Japanese again…

When it comes to learn Japanese, I want to use a different method: Only focus on what the teacher teaches, and learn more slowly. For example, spend two weeks learning Japanese phonetic Kana syllabary. Slow it down and practice 30 minutes every day.

My challenges are as follow:

1. Health

Go to bed before 10:45 p. m.

I find I was always about 15 minutes later than my last aim–11:00 p. m. So I change it. As long as I can go to bed a little bit earlier than I did before, it’s fine.

As for taking a walk every other day and standing up from time to time, I will remind myself to do them as much as possible. I just want to focus on sleep this month, so I won’t push myself to stick to the two plans.

2. English

(1) 100-day reading project

I almost finish The Great Gatsby! I’ve already been done with 1/3 of the whole project.

(2) Learn an English lesson every day

(3) Review when waiting in line.

The plans above are the same as those in March, except for the last one. Since I have the habit of learning this beautiful language, I have confidence in myself!

3. Japanese

Spend 30 minutes on it every day.

A lesson two days.

4. Reading and writing

(1) Read two books in Chinese this month

(2) Update one post every week

What’s more, regarding this challenge series, I’ll update a post about it, including my musings and life details, every two weeks a month, that is, in the middle of the month and at the end of the month.

I hope I can do a better job this April. Fingers crossed!

What are your plans this April? Are you interested in creating a them for this month? If so, what theme would you like to make? Leave a comment down below!

Happy April, everyone!

Vera from China

4 thoughts on “April challenge

  1. Wow, you’re learning English and now Japanese! I’m impressed. Though I wonder how similar Japanese is to Chinese. I’ve noticed the Kanji characters are somewhat a simplified type of Chinese writing. But Japanese is a beautiful language, and I wish you luck in learning it and all your other challenges! I like the ideas of themed months. I should try this myself!

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    1. Exactly. Many kanji characters come from Chinese characters, as well as some parts of cursive script and regular script of some Chinese characters. And they also create some characters. What’s more, English helps a lot when learning Japanese, for it borrows a lot from English, like テスト(test), ヘア(hair), and the pronunciation is similar.

      If you try themed months, I’d love to know what theme you create!😄But no pressure!
      Good luck with your challenges too. And I hope the relocation is going great! Have a fantastic April!

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